New edition of Fontegara by W. Dongois and Ph. Canguilhem

January 3rd, 2021

Here’s a summary from the publisher:

This practical edition of the diminution treatise Fontegara is the fruit of a research project funded by the Haute école de musique de Genève. Musicologists and musicians familiar with early music are also likely familiar with Fontegara. Often considered something of an enigma, few attempts have been made to apply its contents in a practical context. Our hypothesis was that one might understand Fontegara as the work of an active musician describing his particular style to pedagogical ends. This French-English edition therefore favours a practical approach. The translation from the original Italian is less literal and more flowing than earlier editions in an attempt to reflect the spirit of Ganassi. The present layout is conceived with daily practice in mind and the original text is completed with suggestions for practical applications. The result of three years’ collective labour, this practical edition was created by William Dongois, Timea Nagy and Tiago Simas Freire in collaboration with musicologists Philippe Canguilhem and Christian Pointet. Three recorder players, Pierre Boragno, François Lazarevitch, Vicente Parrilla and a singer, Romain Bockler, also contributed their art to this project. The authors hope that this new edition will contribute toward a more rigorous application of Silvestro Ganassi’s art, a musical marvel of the sixteenth century.


Sommaire Summary Author(-s)
Introduction Introduction William Dongois
Silvestro Ganassi, quelques éléments biographiques Silvestro Ganassi, a Biographical Sketch Christian Pointet, Philippe Canguilhem
Principes éditoriaux Editorial Principles William Dongois
Les fautes et les cas litigieux dans la Fontegara Errors and Discrepancies William Dongois
Note sur l’édition et la traduction Note on the Present Edition and Translation Philippe Canguilhem
Opera intitulata Fontegara Opera intitulata Fontegara (français, italiano, English)
Les cadences manuscrites The Handwritten Cadences William Dongois
Apprendre à diminuer « à la Ganassi » Learning to Diminish in the Style of Ganassi William Dongois, Tiago Simas Freire
La Fontegara par l’exemple Fontegara in Practice William Dongois, Tiago Simas Freire, Timea Nagy, Romain Bockler, Vicente Parrilla, François Lazarevitch, Pierre Boragno
Bibliographie des oeuvres citées dans cette édition Bibliography of the Works Mentioned in this Edition
Les auteurs The Authors
Remerciements Acknowledgements

  • Dongois, William and Canguilhem, Philippe [eds.] (2020). Opera intitulata Fontegara. With embellished examples by W. Dongois, Tiago Simas Freire, Timea Nagy, Romain Bockler, Vicente Parrilla, François Lazarevitch, and Pierre Boragno. DROZ, HEM collection Musique & Recherche.