News on Silvestro Ganassi and his works.

New edition of Fontegara by W. Dongois and Ph. Canguilhem

Here’s a summary from the publisher: This practical edition of the diminution treatise Fontegara is the fruit of a research project funded by the Haute école de musique de Genève. Musicologists and musicians familiar with early music are also likely familiar with Fontegara. Often considered something of an enig... read more

Silvestro Ganassi: a documented biography

A new article by Marco Di Pasquale is filled with archival references, a striking omission in many earlier works on Ganassi. Here’s a summary from the publisher: The over fifty documents, many hitherto unpublished, transcribed in the appendix allow us to reconstruct various aspects of the life of Silvestro Ga... read more

New research developments on Ganassi by Dina Titan

An interesting article on Ganassi by Dina Titan has been made available on Windkanal’s website, which comments on various aspects covered in detail in her recent thesis: New research developments on Silvestro Ganassi’s Opera Intitulata Fontegara Dina Titan - Diminutions displaying retrograde rhythms read more

PhD-defence by Dina de Oliveira Titan

On March 1, 2019, Dina de Oliveira Titan will defend her PhD thesis The origins of instrumental diminution in Renaissance Venice: Ganassi’s Fontegara at Utrecht University (University Hall, Academiegebouw). Among other things, Dina Titan’s work includes a new, critical English translation of Fontegara, at last. It has taken exactly 60 years for ... read more


Welcome to this new online resource on the life and work of Renaissance author and instrumentalist Silvestro Ganassi. As stated in the about page, “aims to collect relevant information about Silvestro Ganassi and his works, making it readily available for both scholars and performers while contributing to a be... read more